We offer independent and scientific determination of the origin of food and drink. Authenticity testing using an “isotope biological fingerprint” has opened up a new tool of traceability validation in food and drink which can be used to support and validate paper traceability. It measures what is inside the food or drink; therefore the evidence cannot be separated from the product offering the most robust traceability system available. Applications for this technology include:
– Brand Protection
– Independent validation of traceability: country of origin determination, determination of Organic production systems, part of a due diligence traceability programme.
– Detection of fraud or counterfeit products We are what we eat.
Collection of known samples allow an IsoScape of the geographical origins of the product to be determined. We are working with the Food and Environment Research Agency (FERA) to validate the methodologies. Once validated samples can then be tested against the known IsoScape to validate traceability or authenticity claims. We currently have IsoScapes in progress for a range of products including Beef, Pork,Eggs, Chicken, Salmon, Scotch Whisky, Venison, tomatoes and Honey.

Tecnología de trazabilidad integral desde origen
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